11 Phelosophy Statement

Life is a gamble
When I say life is a gamble you can buy a business and you don’t know if it will work out or not, so you take a chance in success or frailer
Another approach to this is, your driving down the road you never know if you will crash or not, it’s a surprise.
So you have to take risks.
As of school it is gambling if your going to make friends get in a fight get in trouble by a teacher go to the principals office it’s a complete surprise

As of sports if you play sports it is a gamble weather you are going to win or loose the odds of the teams or the skills of the players the weather of the games or the temperatures of the game how people have prepared them selves for the game if any body gets hurt and how serious it is.

Business propositions will it make money or will it cause war that is the risk that some countries have to take. How much money they can borrow if they are able to pay it back how the government can make money to pay it back is what we would fight about make the people furious and make them want to fight and have the whole country against us. Will we find weapons of mass destruction or will they just blow the whole country up.

Another gamble is if I will ace this paper or will I fail this paper I am not shure of the out comb so I am gambling on this paper will it be liked or is it crap I don’t know until I see the grade I hope it will pass but there is that possibility, but at least I know that this paper is a lot better than the last ones which isn’t saying much but it is verry help full to get to that passing grade.

I don’t see why gambling is illegal in some states we do it ever day just usually without money but other occasions we do it legally.

Im gambling right now of when my computer is going to die I don’t know if its going to die in a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes the only hint I have is. ITS GOING TO DIE. But I don’t know what I will get done in that time period will it be saved, will it be informative, or will it be a waste of time. Gambling is just question that can be answered with time. You don’t know when they are going to get answered but you know that in the feuture they will be answered but a very few times they are questions that never get answered.